Earth Series – Intent

Design source

Development from my Dawntime Series a large felt hanging exhibited with Textile Lincs.

Impressions in textiles of a man-made landscape using recycled materials


Various sections of lace curtain and crocheted waste, organza and dyed gauze, BFL, merino, Ramie and silk

Process and Evaluation

The selected pieces of fabric were laid out on top of an organza base. The size, shape, colour and final hanging represented a generalised idea of landscape.  I rolled the materials into a rattan matt and they travelled with me to a holiday cottage in Upper Weardale – a delightfully formidable landscape. This influenced the darker areas in the final felt.

Fine layers of carded wool fibre (BFL and merino) were placed under each section of material, which was then lightly tacked to the base. Some additional pieces of wool and fabric were also tacked over the top of the arranged fabric piLand Series, Intent, 60(h) x 104(w) cm, lace curtain, and crocheted waste, organza and dyed gauze, BFL, merino, Rammie and silkeces, which added further texture, with some areas of overlap.

Dyed and white merino wool was gently pulled from tops. These were laid over the prepared grid to compliment the fabric pieces and to enable the felting process to come together through each section. Small amounts of silk and Ramie (Chinese nettle) enlivened the overall effect.

The nuno felting technique was used and the edges maintained by gentle pulling and a little judicious trimming of threads. Some areas were brought more firmly together using the Embellisher machine to help maintain shape and texture. After a rinse in cold water any visible tacking stitches were pulled out before hanging the piece to dry.

I had a lot of fun working on this in the evenings after days of dramatic vistas, but, the vibrant colour remained the Lincolnshire effect. This influenced the title ‘Intent’, and I find that I am very attached to this piece not only for the pleasure of making, but for the memories redolent within it.

By mounting this over the top of conservation mount board the edges could curl up a little, and the whole was lightly stitched in place and finally framed.

Earth Series, Intent, 60(h) x 104(w) cm, lace curtain, and crocheted waste, organza and dyed gauze, BFL, merino, Rammie and silk


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  1. Darcy says: Reply

    Very interesting. I love that you shared your process. I’m going to learn nuno felting this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Darcy
      Felting is wonderful and there are so many possibilities. Just enjoy yourself. I am so pleased you are enjoying my website.

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