Daniel Series

Donated stump socks (liners) in memory of and in celebration of the life of Daniel J Toner – 5.12.61-18.2.12, (Dan), “A lovely American who loved life and was a joyous human being”.  Dan’s life experience with liners and how his requirements changed over time encouraged him to keep them, no matter how worn they became. This provided me with a range of liners varied in size and shape. Inspired by his determination to exploit life, I was encouraged to include them in a range of work which reflects human frailty and strength.

‘it’s who we are’ provides visual sculptural work which shows that human beings are capable of pushing and bursting through the constraints that  life imposes on us. ‘it’s what shapes us’ stands upright and strong, despite the fragility expressed in its shape and delicacy. ‘it’s what binds us’ re-forms the liner into a foot shape, which never existed in reality, and although there is a medical impression it is stronger than it looks.

The shapes created in the pattern and forms used reflect variety in life, indicating how sometimes we have control, and betimes are formed by our experience. It is up to individuals to decide what shape they wish to be, and to be aware of their choices.

Interest was expressed in the work, but people were uneasy with the existence of liners. Disability is still a taxing subject, but human frailty and strength continue to be my driving force.