New work is under way for an exhibition as one of a trio of artists ‘3 Strand’, exhibiting from 21st February 2015 at The Ropewalk. Using industrialisation as the theme Moira is excited to be working with a more muted range of colours and some exciting original metal fibre.

To receive a preview invite send an email with your contact details before 21st January 2015.

Some of the text published at the Sam Scorer Gallery about Moira’s work.
Moira West’s recent explorations encompass layering techniques and expanding bonding fibres using wet felting. She has a reputation for integrating natural fibres which include plant, cellulose and animal hair as well as man-made materials. A dislike of waste has also encouraged her to reuse items and fabrics within her art but she is also more than happy to use new materials such as metal fabrics.
Many of Moira’s pieces are ultimately about combining materials to add structure and strength. Human frailty informs and inspires as does nature, the wider world and the possibilities of the human mind.
Encouraging touch allows others to interact and bring their own interpretations. Sometimes this impacts on the piece but Moira encourages rather than discourages as she feels this enhances the effects of the work.

The gallery labels are now ready and all that remains to be done is the publicity for her solo in August at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln. Printed gallery signs, flyers and postcards are ready for collection leaving images of work to be selected for printed leaflets which will be available for gallery visitors. Moira can then turn her thoughts to the mass of materials which will be used to create new work for her next challenge – the Ropewalk exhibition starting February 2015.

The tactile qualities of 41 pieces are ready for inspection by interested parties all of whom will be invited to enjoy themselves whilst inspecting the work.

Despite a delay to the start of the years work Moira is now immersed in completing work for her solo in August. Acrylic sheet and aluminium composite panels have been delivered as she anticipates completing six pieces of 2D work. Several 3D pieces have already been boxed up and only require gallery labels.