Redeveloping work

In the last couple of years I have struggled, creatively as well as physically. My submissions in that time have been work which I had already started, or completed previously. This year is the first year that I have elected not to submit work for the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society Summer Show. I did however complete […]

2018 Experiences

It has been an exceptional year so far in respect of the many exhibitions visited. Stand out encounters included, Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal, Cumbria to see ‘Women of the RA’ and, surprisingly – two large Frink sculptures which were in situ for a forthcoming exhibition – so intensely Frink. Doug Binder at both the Ropewalk, […]


The worldwide web provides abundant opportunity for inspirational images and information. Each day I am in awe at what is being produced in the art world, in parallel with scientific and environmental discoveries. It’s not my intention to give views on the following images, but rather to allow, as the artists intended, the viewer to […]

Moira West – fibre artist – Home

Source: Moira West – fibre artist – Home HOME OUR STORY MAGAZINE SHOP COMMUNITY EVENTS BE A PART OF OUR STORY CONTACT US POETRY IN WOOL May 23, 2017 In Athens right now is an eight metre-tall installation of unprocessed wool, cascading down from a gallery ceiling in a shower of blood red. This soft sculpture […]

Tools ‹ Moira West — WordPress

Source: Tools ‹ Moira West — WordPress Innovation competition for the benefit of wool 7th June 2017 How can we increase the use of wool among companies and consumers? This was the question 80 Danish and Swedish students got to work with for two and a half days. The innovation contest was and funded by […]

Ready Made…

Clothing labels can be small art works in their own right. Each has its own story, but would, in the normal course of events, be disposed of with the worn garment. Some from the more quality end of the clothing industry, and accessories, tell tales, which also allow for the viewers own interpretation. Five labels […]

Shoddy Blog

Just received a formal invitation to contribute to the shoddy blog. Twitter: @ShoddyArts Originally an exhibition by disabled artists in Leeds, April 2016, I am delighted to be taking part in this exciting blog. Many thanks to Gill Crawshaw for including my work and reminding me of both my roots and the wool industry, […]