Character inspired felts

Working on the ‘Traits Series’ my reflection on positive traits (Independence, self-confidence, persistence, determination, focus, imagination, discipline, desire, drive, passion…), inspired me to consider how we, throughout our lives, follow many paths. Cultivated by the adults in our lives, the situations in which we are brought up, and in our own experiences. Paths that we take, and the indentations from paths that cross our own and how this affects what we do and how we approach life.

To some extent I was also reviewing materials, including some rather beautiful short lengths of waste silk threads, donated by a local embroiderer. ‘Traits’, a white piece with labels on one side and paths of ribbon and wool on the other could contend with a black abstract theme.

I chose simple materials, black and red merino, black organza and waste silk threads. I wanted to created pathways which were either shadowy or apparent but also incorporating the pure silk threads. These were randomly spread or precisely stitched for contrast and interest. The compositions were made from original felts which were further wet felted with organza and silk thread. An embellisher machine was used to add further strands of silk thread, and then finished with a little hand stitching.

Character – Pathway, complimented with hand stitching, mounted on gold board and framed.

Character – Lines, mounted on board cut to the shape of the completed felt.

They were, in the end, exhibited separately.

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