Unseen – felt on canvass

Design source

Damage to the central nervous system often includes symptoms that remain unseen – pain, fatigue and numbness. Not many have experienced the anguish of dealing with adults and children who suffer in this way. In this felt the words are laminated between fine layers of merino and each letter is defined with a range of materials. The fibres selected are a personal representation of the sensory problem covered by the word itself.


P          Mulberry silk viscose twist yarn

A         Cotton and merino twist

I           Metalic and merino twist

N         Mohair and wool loop

F          Merino tops

A         Mohair and wool loop

T          Alpaca yarn

I           Polyester and metal thread

G         Mohair and wool loop

U         Alpaca yarn

E          Polyester and metal thread plus mohair and wool loop


N         Alpaca yarn

U         Banana fibre – lustrous, fine slub yarn

M         Lincs longhair slub yarn and viscose tops – a unique form of wood cellulose acetate (pink)

B         Nylon and wool slub yarn

N         Metalic thread and tencel

E          Merino boucle yarn

S          Wool knaps and slub with mulberry silk

S          Banana fibre

Carded merino

White merino – fine layers

35(h) x 96(w) cm

Extracted from 2010 files

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