Daniel Series – “it’s what binds us”

Design source, Childhood memories, exploration of human frailty, reworking, free form vessels and 3D sculptural forms: related to donated stump socks (liners) in memory of, and in celebration of the life of Daniel J Toner – 5.12.61-18.2.12, (Dan), “A lovely American man who loved life and was the life and soul of the party”. Materials […]

Character inspired felts

Working on the ‘Traits Series’ my reflection on positive traits (Independence, self-confidence, persistence, determination, focus, imagination, discipline, desire, drive, passion…), inspired me to consider how we, throughout our lives, follow many paths. Cultivated by the adults in our lives, the situations in which we are brought up, and in our own experiences. Paths that we […]

Implosion – felt sculpture

Design Source The process of musing on life’s pressures, which have the potential to overwhelm, led to the design for this structural form.  This forms part of my ‘Traits Series’. Process and Evaluation Using a willow structure can be tricky. I elected to collaborate with Alison Walling, a noted willow artist, who constructed an oval […]

Tarsuinn – felt hanging

Design Source Inspired by the colour and variety of tartan, and natural breaks and pauses found in poetry, which provided the challenge for this 2011 work and the further development of my work relating to human characteristics. Materials Jute leaf sacking, seams unpicked, pre-felt/batts in reds, orange and yellows (plant dyed local wools), merino and […]


Independence, self-confidence, persistence, determination, focus, imagination, discipline, desire, drive, passion; these are some of the key character traits and personality qualities that interest me and on which I reflect. Words are often useful to explore character traits. I find that I definitely have preference for the positive. Whilst musing on possibilities I found two ribbons […]

2011 inspiration

Iambic pentameter.  An iamb is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one, as in the word ‘about’ or ‘relief’. Pentameter (from the Greek word for five) means having five iambs to a line.  Iambs are common in English because they follow the natural rhythm of the language, which is to alternate syllable stresses in […]

Tigued – felt form

Design source This is another statement piece from the ‘Sense of Felt’ exhibition, tactile, and intended to be thought provoking. I wanted to produce a felt which conveyed the effects of fatigue, caused by neurological disease or damage from injury, to visitors. Materials Jute wide weave sack, merino, BFL, Swaledale, Mulberry silk waste and yarn. […]